Outdoor Projections for Businesses & Brand Advertising

We now offer an exclusive service, one of a kind in Ireland, project any logo, image or video onto buildings outdoors when the Sun goes down, advertising your Brand Name, Latest Offers, Website etc. onto a screen size that’s roughly about 15 – 20 foot in diameter.

Outdoor Projection Martello Tower DigitalDomain.ie

Options include 30 mins, 1 hour and 2 hours in any location around Dublin and surrounding areas, if you know a good spot with a white/beige colour wall with enough space, we can project onto it. Good locations include outside your office or up high on the tops of apartment blocks where it can be seen for 100’s of metres away and also in rush hour traffic around built up areas where traffic is slow moving but plentiful, places like Sandyford Industrial Estate are ideal and the busiest between 5 – 7.30pm. It’s dark enough around these times to project but screensize may need to be reduced in size slightly to make the picture brighter.

30 mins Projected Ads

1 Hour Projected Ads

2 Hours Projected Ads

4 Hours Projected Ads

8 Hours Projected Ads

10 Hours Projected Ads