Content Management Websites (CMS) include Wordpress, Joomla, CMSMS and many more.

A CMS Website comes with an administration control panel which lets you login and add/edit/delete pages, content, images plus everything else to do with your website. It means you can update your website yourself with no knowledge of programming needed.

CMS Website Screenshots

Page List Editor

This is a screenshot of the list of pages in the admin panel of a WordPress CMS site. This is where you can add or edit pages of your website.

Page Content Editor

This is what editing a page on a CMS site looks like, it lets you add text, images and animations to a page much like Microsoft Word or any other WYSIWYG editor.

Widgets Editor

This is what editing widgets on a WordPress CMS site looks like. Widgets are usually Sidebar content for the left or right sidebar, header, footer etc.. They are blocks or boxes of specific content like a Facebook widget or a Twitter widget for displaying social posts on your website.

Plugins Editor

This is where you can add/edit/delete Plugins from your website. Plugins are extra features and functions that can be added to your website to increase and expand its functionality.

Media Library

This is where you can manage file uploads to your site such as images, pdf, mp3 etc.

Layer Slider

The Layer Slider is an advanced animation tool for animating sliders directly from your WordPress site! You can add text layers, image layers and even custom transitions right inside your WordPress Admin.

We offer 3 CMS Website Packages

3 Page CMS Site


6 Page CMS Site



10 Page CMS Site